Budget-Friendly Wedding Giveaway Ideas

If you have a tight wedding budget, but you still want to have a traditional wedding where you do the ceremony and reception, then you must be wise with your every expense. Instead of going to a hotel for your reception, you can opt to go to a wedding hall which always ends up cheaper. Instead of going for five-course meals, you can go buffet style. And instead of inviting all your family and friends, you can be strict with your guest list.

Who would want to receive another scented candleAside from these considerations, another thing to think of is your wedding giveaway. For sure, you want your guests to have something that will help them remember your wedding by. It could be anything grand or straightforward, as long as it is a souvenir that is also meaningful to you as a couple.

Wedding giveaways may appear as small trinkets, but if you add them up, they can also get a significant portion of your budget. If you don’t plan well, you may end up going over your budget and not afford to have Around Town Wedding Band just because you failed to put these giveaways into the plan.

Even if some trinkets are cheap like keychains and small candles, these are not recommended since they are useless. They will only end up in your guests’ cabinet as dust catchers. Of course, you do not want your giveaway to be something that your guests cannot use. So, you must also plan your giveaways well. Shop around and check your options.

If you are running out of ideas, here are some budget-friendly wedding giveaways that you can consider:

1. Use your invitation or centerpiece double up as a giveaway

One strategy that can help you save is to have a wedding feature double up as your giveaway. For example, you can have an invitation shaped up like a bookmark, which can also serve as your giveaway. You can also arrange some flowers, jams, or shot glasses on the reception tables with small “Thank You” notes that can double up as your giveaway. If you are having a beach wedding, you can give out paper or plastic fans that can serve your guests well during the event and can also serve as your giveaway.

Candies and pastries can be DIY2. Discounted chocolates, candies, and trinkets during sale season

When you are shopping for giveaways, there is no better time to look for deals in stores and online. You can save loads especially when you are buying in bulk. Usually, chocolates, candies, and out-of-season trinkets have the biggest discounts during the sale season. So, you can consider having these as your giveaways. The challenge here is you may not get the same giveaway for everyone. But that can be easily overridden with packaging. Just make sure you think through it, and it complements the giveaway.

These are some of the budget-friendly giveaways that you can consider for your wedding. What’s important is for the trinket to be reflective of your lifestyle and personality as a couple. Have a giveaway that can be memorable and useful for your guests. Do not just buy anything just for the sake of it.